Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Five Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Linear Accelerators

Wondering why you are safe to buy used linear accelerators?
Looking for someone to supply Replacement Parts for Linear Accelerators?
Thanks to the unrelenting spirits of radiation technology experts, linear accelerators continue to maintain their place as among the most sophisticated tools in the treatment of cancer. They produce and deliver radiations with utmost precision, and thus helping a great deal in the fight against one of the dreaded maladies. And, while the best is often perceived as the finest in buying this piece of equipment, it also pays to consider a refurbished linear accelerator.
The decision to buy a new or used linear accelerator machine boils down to your pressing needs and your budget. A second-hand machine is oftentimes recommended when the facility aims at treating fewer than 8-10 patients on a typical day. Additionally, those facilities located in countries with limited budgets also qualify to buy a refurbished one.
A refurbished doesn’t mean that the machine is faulty and ineffective. Instead, it could have been used and its parts replaced, but still in pristine condition. The machine might have been in use at one of the big institutions, and perhaps it’s sold because it has no purpose. So, if you are a budding private veterinarian, a research fellow, a non-medical student or just about anyone looking to buy a low-budget linear accelerator, this post is for you.
Five reasons to invest on a refurbished Linear Accelerator
Hone your skills at your pace
As you work on meeting more challenges at your line of duty, such an affordable tool grants you a chance to hone your expertise. Especially if you are opening your center, expanding or just hoping to up your game, expenses can be the greatest worry. Thankfully, a refurbished linear accelerator will not be a bad idea.
Be a bit more flexible
In the medical world where machines are pretty much essential, being smart enough to have a backup tool often pays big time. When the main one fails, your facility will not stall simply because you have another linear accelerator.
The need to improve
As much as you are spending more in buying a second or third linear accelerator, the same investment might be helping you offer better services in the long run. In the end, the new tool will make your facility a go-to location, perhaps perfect for that much-needed expansion.
Strengthen your tools of work
There’s a certain form of uncertainty surrounding looming reimbursement cuts, and one of the best ways of staying put, despite the turbulence is investing in a second-hand, but still perfect, machine. A refurbished machine such as one linear accelerator strengthens your firm’s usual practices.
Peace of mind
When all’s said and done, peace of mind knows that you have a reliable tool when handling a massive and challenging assignment. And, if the unexpected happen, find a firm that offers the best replacement parts for linear accelerators.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Outsourcing Medical Equipment Maintenance Is Beneficial

Indeed a hot and never-ending topic in the medical world, outsourcing seemingly has more benefits than its demerits. Especially whether they are the pricey equipment or just the Replacement Parts for Oncology Equipment, outsourcing the maintenance services serve a great money-saving idea. The following benefits are merely an eye-opener.
Benefits of outsourcing medical tools maintenance services
Arguably the greatest motivator behind outsourcing the maintenance services, the practice eliminates the need to hire in-house personnel. The need to repair and replace the machines isn’t as always as the other gigs, and thus, there’s no reason to hire someone whose job will not be a guarantee.
Moreover, most of the best persons skilled and experienced in doing the maintenance will consume a massive chunk of the facility’s funds. The biomedical technicians are so trained that the medical facility can't guarantee their average salaries. So, an outsourced program reduces the overall costs of managing the most vital clinical assets.
An independent medical equipment company is a sure bet and will oversee the huge scope of work in a much reduced period. Such a firm is usually a collection of specialized minds who guarantee the highest standard of quality. And, granted that they can be only alerted whenever the job pops up, that’s a good idea considering their reliability and credibility whenever there’s a problem.
Pretty much like the medical sector is a dynamic and ever-growing industry, the ability to get skilled Biomed technicians always isn’t always guaranteed. A medical facility might choose to hire someone responsible for all the repairs, and that will not mean they’ll get the best brains. Clinical engineering technicians are a rarity, especially when the need for quality services is concerned.
Another benefit that comes with hiring independent medical equipment maintenance experts is their perfect knowledge concerning the best spare parts. When it comes to selecting the best tools like the Replacement Parts for Oncology Equipment, someone who is actively engaged in the industry have the answers. They’re also equipped with the latest manuals, test fixtures, and diagnostic devices and are less likely to fail.
For a facility that’s highly essential in offering the most reliable services for all, choosing a professional with experience can’t be overestimated. Being a professional extends to how you handle those less-important tasks. There will be no unpleasant glitches in your facility, and in the end, you’ll grow and become a viable solution for your patients.
There you have it; outsourcing can be expensive, but not as costly as having in-house personnel who is regularly paid for services needed once for an extended period. Firms to outsource the services from aren’t hard to locate.
Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment.  We provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment.  For more information on low cost parts for repairing Linac equipment find us at

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Is a Linear Accelerator?

A linear accelerator is a device that uses high Radio-Frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves to accelerate charged particles to high energies in a linear path, inside a tube like structure called the accelerator waveguide. The resonating frequency of the medical linac is about 3 billion Hertz cycles per second. This is the most common device to treat cancer with external beam radiation. Accelerator is basically an apparatus for accelerating charged subatomic particles, used in radiotherapy, and the production of radionuclides.
A pulsed electron beam generated by an electron gun passes through a long, straight vacuum tube containing alternating hollow electrodes. The electrodes are arranged so that, when their high frequency potentials are properly varied, the electrons passing through the tube receive successive increments of energy. The electrons are stopped abruptly by a heavy metal target and directed by a collimator to deliver super voltage X-Rays to the patient receiving radiotherapy.
The linear accelerator (Linac), uses microwave technology to accelerate electrons in a part of the linac called waveguide, then allows these electrons to collide with a heavy metal target. As a result of these collisions, high energy X-Rays (Photons) are produced from the target.
Linear Accelerator Technicians: Performs advanced technical support related to the maintenance and operation of medical linear accelerators. Jobs include preventive maintenance scheduling and responding to down linear accelerator parts and services, Coordinates vendor service and documentation, when necessary. Maintains inventory and orders parts for linear accelerators. Can assist in the design and modification of treatment accessories for physics and other departmental equipment as needed for patient treatment, quality assurance and research support. May require an ASEE or equivalent or Bachelors’ degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or a directly related field. A senior position requires five (5) years of directly related experience maintaining and servicing medical linear accelerators. Specific experience is typically required on Varian Linear Accelerators. Authorized Varian training is highly desirable. Manufactures of these items include Siemens, Philips, Varian, and Elekta. Repair organizations include Acceletronics, Centura, and Altair.
When linear accelerator parts and services breaks down it is imperative that repair services are almost immediate. Downtime in a medical setting can literally be the difference between life and death so having the ability to have direct access to medical equipment repair services should be of the outmost priority. Another detail that is forgotten is the urgency of finding the parts for medical equipment. Without the proper parts to fix down machines technicians are at a stalemate with getting much need equipment like LINACS and CT scanners up and going again.
Having instantaneous access to OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators, Radiotherapy CT Simulators and Radiation Oncology equipment is pertinent.  With newer equipment it is often difficult to find access to replacement parts. Newer medical equipment can be difficult to find replacement parts for simply because of the newness of the piece to the market.
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Choosing refurbished vs. new

The best cancer treatment starts when patients have a proper diagnosis. It is crucial to have a definitive plan of action when treating cancerous tumors.  Top medical facilities, skilled professionals, proper medical equipment, and a complete and accurate diagnosis allow patients to have the best possible outcome with their cancer treatment.
Radiation therapy is used in the treatment of most cancer patients.  This is true even when patients are being given a cocktail of other drugs used to treat cancer.  Radiation is a service that is provided by oncology practitioners.  According to a research, about 60% or more cases involving patients with cancer in the United States undergo radiation therapy to treat or cure their cancer.  Radiation cannot be delivered with using a linear accelerator.
A linear accelerator is machine that is able to shoot radiation onto the cancerous tumor without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.  With innovative attempts to make linear accelerators more advanced, they would give guaranteed accuracy at all times. This will ensure the least possible impact on the surrounding tissue around the tumor.  Damage to the surrounding tissue is one of the greatest drawbacks of using radiation in the first place.  This issue can come to an end with this more technological attempt at radiation treatment using linear accelerators in treatment.
Oncology care providers can only get the equipment their facilities can afford to purchase.  New linear accelerators can cost upwards of four million dollars.  This is where purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator can sometimes offer facilities a chance to offer top notch treatments at a fraction of the cost.  Refurbished medical equipment can save companies upwards of fifty percent off the cost of buying new.
Refurbished equipment is reliable, secure, and effective while taking in consideration your facilities budget and is surely a good approach to offer to cancer patients. These newly advanced linear accelerators offer precise treatments that are carried out by best of engineers and technicians.
One of the most important reasons to buy a refurbished accelerator is that it frees up your remaining budget to help you continue to grow your practice. With updated equipment you have the chance of treating more patients.  This in turn increases your experience and your practice. With a refurbished linear accelerator you have more chances of saving the patients you treat and curing them of cancer. Advances in technology and equipment give your patient’s confidence in the effectiveness of your treatments.
Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment.  We provide high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment.  For more information on low cost parts for repairing Linac equipment find us at

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Flexible Packaging Is Changing The Package & Label Industry

Flexible packaging is known to be one of the fastest growing sections of the packaging industry. The process of flexible packaging combines the qualities of plastic, paper, aluminum, and film. Moreover, it uses the minimum amount of each material.
Bags made with flexible packaging can take the shape of a pouch, liner or overwrap. However, the shapes of these bags can be readily changed.
This type of packaging can be used for consumer products, institutional and industrial applications. Flexible packaging is has been quite useful for the business industry. It helps not only ensure food safety but extend shelf life as well. Furthermore, it can protect against heat, provide barrier protection, and easy printability.
Here is a list of advantages that the flexible packaging is responsible for:
• It is quite easy to handle flexible packaging. It is light in weight and can be carried around. It is quite easy to open up. Later, it can be resealed without hassle and storage is no problem either
Flexible packaging consumes a minimum amount of energy to manufacture. Easy to transport, it also produces less amount of greenhouse gasses when being moved to the market
• It is the face of innovation in the packaging industry
Flexible packaging can be used for a variety of products and has the potential to be extended to a more diverse set of products as well
• It can maintain the freshness of any product and indicate when it is not
Flexible packaging is not just profitable for the business industry but highly convenient at the consumer end as well
• It can also provide product visibility through the packaging
• When flexible packaging is being manufactured, the industry can greatly reduce the amount of waste produced as compared to other types of packaging
• At the consumer end, the waste is also being reduced using flexible packaging. This can greatly reduce the amount of waste being discarded into landfills
• It is highly advantageous for efficient product to package ratio
• For marketing purposes, this type of packaging is beneficial for improving shelf appeal
One essential favorable position of flexible packaging is the way that that less material is utilized to make flexible packaging. This makes less waste and is consequently more naturally well-disposed in light of the fact that less material is left in the landfills. Moreover, less water and energy is used in the making of flexible packaging and since the items have a tendency to weigh less, there are fewer transportation expenses and less waste of energy. It is truly an innovative step towards making the packaging industry more environmentally friendly.
Flexible packaging is at the bleeding edge of imperative packaging patterns in the protection of products, packaging outline and execution, buyer accommodation, and manageability which emphatically impacts the earth, shoppers, and organizations.
Flexible packaging makes a number of items more helpful, enjoyable, and more secure for purchasers. This has been possible all on account of the dedication to advancement, innovation, and maintainability that is the sign of flexible packaging.
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